Why Choose Custom Neon Signs For Your Cafe

Why Choose Custom Neon Signs For Your Cafe

Are you tired of seeing the same old decorations in your cafe? Looking for some colourful options to make your cafe a more happening place? No worries, custom neon signs can be the answer to make your space reflect your personality!


In this blog, we'll share some fun neon sign ideas to make your café stand out. Discover how different words, shapes, colors, and fonts can create various effects. These neon signs will surely inspire you to add some sparkle to your café!


Neon signs can jazz up your café, making it more attractive to customers. They bring color, personality, and fun to your space. You can personalize them to match your café's vibe. Whether you want to greet people, make them smile, or motivate them, neon signs can do it all. Here are a few of the advantages of adding neon signs to your cafe.

Increase Visibility

Neon signs are inherently bright and vibrant, making them highly visible from a distance, especially during the evening or in low-light conditions. Their glowing presence easily captures the attention of passersby, helping your cafe stand out among other businesses on a busy street.

Aesthetic Appeal

Neon signs come in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that perfectly complements your cafe’s interior design and theme. Whether you opt for a classic or modern look, neon signs can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, making your space more visually appealing.

Brand Identity

Custom neon signs can be tailored to reflect your cafe’s unique brand identity. You can incorporate your logo, brand colors, or specific design elements that resonate with your brand, helping to reinforce your cafe’s image and make it more recognizable.

Customer Engagement

By encouraging patrons to take and share photos of your neon signs, you increase customer engagement. This organic social media promotion can attract new visitors to your cafe, as potential customers see these posts and become intrigued by your visually appealing setup.

Versatility in Use

Neon signs are versatile and can be used in various settings within your cafe. They can be placed outside to attract customers or inside to enhance the decor. Their adaptability makes them suitable for different purposes and locations.


Hard Rock Cafe a globally recognized chain of theme restaurants has successfully integrated custom neon signs featuring their famous logo, music-related icons, and catchy phrases. These signs were placed both inside and outside the cafes to maximize visibility and impact.

Bright neon signs drew more passersby into Hard Rock Cafes, significantly boosting walk-in rates. Consistent use of neon signage with the Hard Rock logo reinforced brand identity, making cafes instantly recognizable. The strategic use of neon signs is a highly effective tool for visualizing brand identity.


It depends on your vibe and brand personality. If you're all about that organic coffee life, green is the perfect pick. Want to create a chill, relaxed atmosphere? Blues, greens, whites, purples, or pinks will work like a charm. Feeling bold? Go for red to make a statement. We've got 14 colors for you to choose from, so you can match your style and palette perfectly. Besides, if you are unaware about the trendy design of the neon sign, you can read our blog about the latest neon sign trends.

Can't decide? No worries! We've got options for multi-colour and full-color neon signs, giving you endless possibilities to unleash your creativity.

Neon signs aren't just fancy lights—they're mood setters and brand boosters. If you're cozying up your coffee shop with a custom coffee neon sign, explore the available neon signs on oasisneonsigns.com.

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