Tips to Maintain Custom Neon Sign

4 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Custom Neon Signs

Have you recently purchased custom-designed neon signs for your business place or home? If yes, it is time for you to know how to take care of it properly.

Neon signs are attractive, and they should always be neat, bright, and in the best condition to convey the high standards of your personality. When you use them at your retail, or coffee shop, it attracts more customers towards your business. A broken, old, or smudged sign may do more damage than good and send the wrong message to potential customers. So it is crucial to take proper care and maintain your custom neon signs.

Custom Neon Sign Maintenance Tips 

Here we have found some of the easiest and non-negotiable ways to take care of your neon business/home sign:

1. Hang it at a higher point

It can be problematic if you hang your neon sign low enough so visitors and customers can touch it. Additionally, it will increase the risk of your signs becoming damaged. To keep your new custom neon sign safe, you must talk to your lighting company about hanging it well out of reach of the public without any delay.

2. Dust the neon tubes

Each month, cleaning the dust from your neon sign is a must. Cleaning it on a daily basis is crucial because it will help it look bright and simplify your future cleanings. You can use a feather duster, a small and stiff paintbrush, and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attached to clean your sign.

Remember that “you must turn the sign off” before you start cleaning. Carefully brush each neon tube with the feather duster and use the paintbrush to remove the tiny cracks and crevices. Once the tubes are clean, then you must carefully vacuum the sign.

Dust the neon tubes


3. Don’t let the bugs around Your Sign

Besides customers, there will be bugs, who will be more attracted towards your favourite sign. So, if your business signs are outdoors, regularly check the signs. If left unchecked, your neon signs may become the hub of breeding bugs. If your sign is already affected by the bugs then, get rid of them by cleaning or installing bug zappers immediately.

4. Keep your sign plugged in

While it may sound counter-intuitive to some, you must keep your neon sign plugged in most of the time. Otherwise, your sign's power transformation may wear out if you keep switching on and off it daily. The neon signs use electrodes other than heated filaments.

Due to that, the sign doesn't get hot and won't pose a fire danger. Additionally, you can be worry-free about the energy costs, as neon lights generally use extremely low power to run. In addition, if you keep restarting their power transformer, it will use more electricity.

Final Thoughts

When you purchase from the right company, you’ll surely get top-quality neon signs that are easy to care for and last much longer. If you are looking for a trusted business, then visit our website, and we also have customers worldwide. You can choose from hundreds of designs or custom-create your sign. Keep following our blog and FAQs for more tips on LED neon signs.

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