49+ Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

49+ Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

Neon signs have become a popular choice for wedding décor owing to their distinctive features.  Their retro look, adaptability, and customizability make them an excellent fit for any wedding theme or taste. The best thing is that these signs can also be used after the wedding to provide a keepsake for the couple to treasure and display in their home.

Neon signs can be customized to match the wedding color scheme, and theme, or even show bespoke inscriptions to bring a unique touch to the event. They have been used in various wedding events as photo booth backdrops, reception décor, directional signage, and more.

Want some more neon wedding sign ideas to render a distinctive touch to the wedding? These ideas will surely make the wedding event unforgettable for both the couple and the guests.   

1.  Mr. and Mrs. Wedding neon sign

Whether suspended from a decorative hoop, propped against faux greenery, or exhibited in front of floor-to-ceiling string lights, the Mr. & Mrs. neon LED sign will surely make a striking focal piece for your wedding decor.

2.  Light up the night with a neon moon

Outline your words with a large neon moon or star. Inside, expressions such as "to the moon & back" will work like magic.

3.  Use loopy cursive

Looking for unique wedding neon sign ideas? The font you choose will greatly influence the appearance and feel of your neon wedding sign. Using loopy cursive "All you need is Love" neon wedding sign exemplifies a romantic, bohemian neon wedding sign.

4.  Happily, ever after neon sign

Complete a dream wedding with this lovely "happily ever after" neon sign. Use it as part of a modern altar during the ceremony, then set it up after the reception for additional photo opportunities as newlyweds.

5.  Make a personal statement

Make a personal statement

Nothing is more useful for making a unique statement about your wedding than a custom neon sign. An engraved phrase or piece of art is possible on a neon sign, which is crafted by skilled artisans using advanced technology. Thus, don't be afraid to use our personalized wedding neon sign to express your individuality. 

6.  Flower wall with family name

The addition of a flower wall and a custom family name neon sign will give your wedding background a unique touch. Think of a gorgeous wall covered in vibrant flowers as a magnificent backdrop for your family name etched in bright neon. This lovely concept gives your special day a hint of refined elegance and natural beauty. The end product is a striking focal point that embodies the unity of your family.

7.  Highlight your vows

Looking for personalized neon signs for weddings? This neon wedding sign is a chic and contemporary way to remember the serious promises you and your partner made to each other. This sign, which is crafted in vivid neon lights and features the word "Till Death" in a beautiful script font, represents the promise you made on your wedding day.

8.  Bar sign

Recently, neon bar signs have become more and more popular as a fun way to let your guests know where to get a cocktail. Why not choose the famous Queen Bey lines "drunk in love" or "cheers" written in cursive? This is a terrific idea if you have a home bar because you can use it again after the wedding! Alternatively, how about this neon sign that reads, "Love on the rocks"?

9.  Share your wedding hashtag

The wedding hashtag is among the most popular accessories at weddings. With the use of modern technology, we may place it in the neon light at your wedding celebration rather than bringing it inside the conventional manner. The wedding hashtag neon sign will create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere once it is turned on, enabling the visitors to snap amazing pictures. 

10.  Initials


This is possibly the greatest neon sign for weddings and beyond! All you need to do is highlight the initials of the couple celebrating their love on their special day.

11.  Use a custom table lightbox

Want unique neon wedding sign ideas? A neon sign that covers the whole front of your sweetheart or wedding party table is called a table lightbox. Neon is used to outline the box and to illuminate a phrase inside. A massive neon table lightbox sign creates a big impression and looks fantastic in pictures.

12.  Highlight the green wall with a neon sign

A gorgeous and easy-to-make décor piece for your wedding background is a wall of greenery. Add a neon sign that will catch guests' attention to elevate this aspect.

13.  Illuminate the dance floor with a neon sign

This neon sign idea's eye-catching appeal can give your wedding's décor a modern twist while also elevating the dance floor to a distinctive focal point. It's a guaranteed method to keep your guests entertained all night long while telling your love story.

14.  Experiment with hollow lettering

A neon wedding sign using hollow writing rather than single-line fonts has an air of sophistication. This is one of the best neon sign ideas for weddings.  

15.  Wayfinding sign

Having some navigational signage at your wedding is a wonderful idea, particularly if the venue is big. Why not make some straightforward instructions, like "bar this way," into a neon sign?

16.  Dessert decorations with neon signs

Use a Let's Party neon sign to guide your visitors to the food court if you don't have much time to do so. We think that this one will help the visitors locate the appropriate location.

17.  Declare your love

Your ceremony images would look amazing against a neon wedding sign that read "You're my person." When positioned above the sweetheart table, it's also fantastic for your reception.

18.  Drape wedding neon sign on a macrame canvas

There's no reason to forgo the wedding neon sign if your wedding theme blends modern and classic elements.

19. DJ Booth Decorations

DJ Booth Decorations

A flawless wedding celebration requires sparkle and spectacular décor in addition to alcohol and music. And nothing can help you more than an eye-catching LED neon sign. Without a doubt, the wedding neon sign appeals to all senses—it improves vision, alters everyone's attitude, and illuminates the area.

20.  Call to action sign

One simple method to encourage your guests to participate in the activities you have organized is to have a call-to-action sign. In addition to making your guestbook stand out, a neon sign above it that reads "sign our guestbook" can encourage people to sign it. 

21. Highlight a quote

    The ideal occasion to have your favorite line from a movie converted into a neon sign is your wedding. Perhaps you're an avid fan of Dirty Dancing? Not only is the saying "nobody puts baby in a corner" a terrific choice, but it also adds a vintage feel to your wedding.

    22.  Song lyrics that highlight your story

      Engaging your guests with interactive neon wedding signage featuring amusing illuminated lyrics is a terrific idea. This is one of the popular neon sign wedding ideas.   

      23.  Monochromatic glow neon sign

        Do you enjoy luxurious minimalism? Traditional neon signs can benefit from the crisp, sophisticated look that this monochromatic neon glow design can bring. It uses a single-color scheme, such as a striking hue of pink, blue, or white, to create an amazing visual impression that is both elegant and modern.

        24.  Modern art neon sign

          Here's a fantastic suggestion that anyone with an appreciation for art and creativity would want to implement. The neon sign creates a striking contrast with the vivid colors and abstract patterns of the modern artwork.

          25.  Themed sign

            Do you intend to have a certain theme for your wedding? Maybe your wedding will have a beach theme, therefore you'll need something unique to go with it. Having a neon sign that reads "Life's a beach" would draw your guests in!

            26.  Neon halo

            Neon halo

              At your reception, hang this white LED neon halo wedding decoration over the sweetheart table, and everyone will be staring at you. It can also serve as a non-traditional chuppah throughout your wedding ceremony. This wedding neon sign idea is surely going to steal the show.   

              27.  Chair decorations

                Accentuate the bride and groom's reception seats with a wooden structure embellished with flowers and holding a neon sign. 

                28.  Champagne tower

                  If you want a sophisticated cocktail setting with a splash of color, then why not create a champagne tower that changes colors?

                  29.  Toast sign

                    Including a toast in your wedding is a creative and entertaining concept. What if there was a sign that said, "to us" or "raise a glass"? This signage would also be functional above a bar!

                    30.  Modern Art

                      For a contemporary, artistic, and three-dimensional display, consider hanging a neon sign in front of an abstract canvas artwork.

                      31.  Bohemian contrast

                        To beautifully contrast your bohemian lounge's softer natural characteristics, add a vibrant neon sign.

                        32.  Heart marker

                          Mark the main entrance of your event with a discreet neon heart sign if it's difficult to discover. This strategy will prove effective for a couple, who are planning to hold their event at a hidden venue.

                          33.  Add a handwritten touch

                            Font styles for neon signs typically center around a few well-respected choices. Nevertheless, you can go for a personalized bar sign that has a completely distinct style, with the newlyweds' names inscribed in a handwritten script.

                            34.  How about a neon chandelier

                              This light spectacle is one to take note of. A circular neon chandelier inspired by love illuminated by a bright tent adorned with huge silver balloons will become the focal point of your post-reception dance celebration.

                              35.  Wire it up

                                Another unusual space for a bright neon and flower arrangement is a wire wall. You can use it to draw attention to the stunning backdrop at the venue. 

                                36.  Design a sign to bring home

                                  Get more for your money by making a neon sign that you know you can use after the celebrations at home.

                                  37.  Cake table

                                  Cake table

                                  The wedding cake can be emphasized and the reception can be given a stylish touch with a neon sign over the cake table. Sayings like "Let Them Eat Cake" or "Love is Sweet" might make for excellent signs.

                                  38.  Guestbook table

                                    A neon signs over the guestbook table can give the wedding guestbook a unique flair. An excellent option could be a sign that reads, "Leave Your Love," or "Sign Our Guestbook."

                                    39.  Light up pampas grass

                                      Couples planning a bohemian-inspired wedding can think about mounting their unique creation on a wall of pampas grass rather than hanging a neon sign on a wall of foliage.

                                      40.  Highlight your lounge area

                                        To maintain the positive energy in the lounge area you designate off the dance floor during your wedding, post a neon sign there. 

                                        41.  Pair with wooden wedding signs

                                          An excellent complement to wedding neon signs is wooden signage. Wood signage will go wonderfully with your decor if your wedding has a rustic or country theme.

                                          42.  Lighted letters

                                            It is likely that you have already encountered tiny illuminated letters at craft or home décor stores. Using them for birthday parties or just general house decoration can be entertaining. However, they can also be used for formal occasions like weddings. "Marquee letters" are the large illuminated letters that tower several feet above the ground. 

                                            43.  Meaningful backdrop

                                              Is there a quote that holds significance for your romantic tale? Use that priceless memory as a backdrop for your special day by lighting it up. Consider hanging it in the center of the room, in front of a wall decorated with foliage, or behind vibrant curtains. Once everything is finished, bring it home to preserve it as a work of art.

                                              44.  Ceremonial arch

                                                Have a customized neon ceremonial arch constructed to add a more contemporary and artistic touch to a classic one. Add a burst of modernism with a hint of neon, whether it's a brief phrase, initials, or a full-sized background to showcase your floral arch.

                                                45.  Custom welcome sign

                                                Custom welcome sign

                                                  Bring a unique piece of art that declares, "This is our big day!" to greet your guests. You can get a personalized sign made with your name, initials, or even a theme-appropriate phrase or word!

                                                  46.  Highlight the menu

                                                    Use neon signage to direct customers toward and away from the buffet table while emphasizing the food. With their glass tubes facing up (the side with the holes in them), lay them down on the ground on either side of the walkway. They will appear to be floating in midair when the lights are off! As visitors pass through this luminous tunnel, they will undoubtedly be impressed.

                                                    47.  Light the way

                                                      Make a sign that indicates which way each room is located, such as "To the Left," if you want your guests to know that they can simply navigate their way around the venue. Put their names on a banner if there are special guests you want to make sure attend your wedding (grandparents, for example) so they won't miss out on the excitement.

                                                      48.  Celestial theme

                                                        Spent your courting days stargazing? How about designing a neon sign that has planetary elements on it such as stars, moon, and constellations? This will come across as both mysterious and magical.

                                                        49.  Pet portrait

                                                          If you and your partner are proud pet parents, why not immortalize your furry friend in neon? Order a custom neon sign with the silhouette or portrait of your cherished companion to personalize your wedding décor.

                                                          50.  Game over

                                                            Ditch the serious façade with a neon sign that cunningly declares “Game Over” signifying the end of your single days and the start of your marital life.   

                                                            In summary

                                                            There are numerous ways in which you can represent your story and style it perfectly. We have shared 49+ wedding neon sign ideas to make your wedding celebrations memorable. The key is to get creative and render a personal touch to your celebrations.  

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