55+ Neon Sign Ideas for Bedrooms

55+ Neon Sign Ideas for Bedrooms

Are you looking for neon sign ideas for bedrooms? Neon signs have evolved from primarily used in advertising signboards to enlivening interior décor. And now, more than ever, people are embracing the concept of using neon signs in their bedrooms. Bedroom neon signs can personalize the space, making it feel more like a personal sanctuary or reflecting the occupant’s style and personality.

And why do you think neon signs are having a major moment? Because they offer an amazing and customizable way to turn your bedroom space into a dazzling haven.

Beautiful Neon Sign Ideas for Bedrooms

Whether you’re into inspirational quotes or quirky symbols, here are more than 55 ideas for neon signs that you can use to transform your bedroom.

1.  Netflix & Chill

The inviting red glow combines perfectly with the blue hue to create a relaxing mood for a movie night. Netflix & Chill neon sign does the magic especially if trying to bag a new catch.


2.  Believe

A simple yet powerful word like "Believe" can inspire you every day. This powerful neon light for room will remind you daily to have faith in yourself and your dreams.

Believe in your dream neon sign for bedroom

3.  Achieve

Do you need something that constantly pushes you beyond your comfort zone? How about a bedroom neon sign that says “Achieve”? It's a constant motivator to strive for success.

4.  Good Vibes Only

Want a positive energy around you from the minute you wake up? A "Good Vibes Only" neon sign is a daily reminder to stay upbeat and ward off negativity.

5.  Love You More

Propagate a stronger charm between you and your significant other through this Love You More neon sign. It’s an awe-inspiring, simple, yet powerful statement of love.

Love You More neon sign

6.  Couple’s initials

Want to make the room feel truly yours? A neon sign featuring both your initials offers an intimate way to personalize your bedroom. Choose bold contrasting colors, such as sky blue and pink.

7.  Adventure Awaits

“Adventure Awaits” is one of the most outstanding neon sign ideas for bedrooms that can spark wanderlust for the explorer at heart.

Adventure Awaits neon sign for bedroom

8.  Your Name in Lights

Want to remind yourself that you’ve always been there for you? How about a neon sign with your name? It adds a personal touch while reminding you of how far you’ve come to be you

Your Name in Lights

9.  It was all a dream

Choose a flowing script, with a soft, contemplative glow for this “It was all a dream” neon sign. Give it a light pink, lavender, or white for an inviting sense of reflection on your dreamscape.

10.  Night Owl

This neon silhouette of an owl with bright yellow eyes creates a perfect ambiance if you’re a late-night reader.

11.  Stylish Headphones with Eighth Note

Show your love for music with this stylish Headphones neon sign with an eighth note symbol. The yellow glow of the headphones contrasts perfectly with the note’s blue hue.

12.  Namaste

Turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary with this Namaste neon sign in flowing script.

13.  Ocean Waves

Can’t get enough of the beach? Add a coastal vibe to your bedroom décor with this beautiful neon room decor idea of ocean waves.

14.  Trees and Mountains

Add an outdoor touch to your bedroom with this neon sign featuring trees and mountains. It offers an excellent way to spice up your bedroom with a nature-inspired theme.

15.  Star Shape

Make your bedroom glow with this brilliant Star neon sign emitting a bright yellow glow.

16.  Sunset

Do you love the beautiful charm of the sunset? Make it part of your daybreak by adding this Sunset neon sign in your bedroom.

17.  Crescent Moon

This Crescent Moon neon sign features a soft glow that blends perfectly with a dark-painted wall. It creates a calming effect that puts you to sleep as soon as you hop into bed.

18.  To the moon and back

Express your undying love with this “To the moon and back” neon sign. The handwritten script font gives it a unique touch that warms up your bedroom.

19.  Entangled Hearts

Entangled Hearts

Want unique neon signs for bedroom to express your love? Choose this neon sign of two hearts entangled to show the strength of your love.

20.  Heartbeat

Bring your bedroom to life with this invigorating Heartbeat neon sign with a dynamic glowing line that pulses with energy.

21.  Triangle

This Triangle neon sign features a sleek geometric design to give your bedroom a modern, edgy flair.

22.  Superman Shield

Choose this lovely Superman shield neon sign to showcase the triumphant spirit in you to encourage yourself to cross even bigger hurdles every morning.

23.  Super Model

Add a sense of glamour and fashion with this chic, dazzling Super Model neon sign. The glowing red lips blend perfectly with the yellow hair to create a passionate bedroom atmosphere.  

24.  Rise and Grind

Fuel your hustling spirit with this “Rise and Grind” neon sign, a lively motivational beacon that inspires you every day.

25.  Live in the Moment

Forget the past, focus on the present with this encouraging “Live in the moment” neon sign. This sign acts as a gentle reminder and fosters joy and gratitude.

26.  Find your balance

Aspiring to improve your well-being and harmoniously live your life? This tranquil “Find Your Balance” neon sign reminds you to give self-care priority.

27.  Planet Saturn

This Planet Saturn makes a perfect neon bedroom decoration idea by showcasing the beauty of the cosmos. It radiates celestial allure that turns your bedroom into a relaxation haven.

28.  Cosmic Hand

The Cosmic Hand neon sign is a mystical, spellbinding symbol that blends artistic flair with cosmic energy to inspire you.   

29.  Malibu

The Malibu neon sign is a vibrant homage to the laid-back vibe of the iconic coastal paradise.

30.  Drunk in Love

Spice up your bedroom with a touch of romance from the brilliant “Drunk in Love” neon sign. It’s a whimsical yet heartfelt declaration that brightens your space with affection.

31.  Goal Digger

The Goal Digger is a dynamic motivational glow that pushes you to chase your dreams and be great each day.

32.  Love Live Laugh

Love Live Laugh

The “Love Live Laugh” is a cool neon sign featuring a cheerful, inspiring combination of words that evokes positivity and encourages you to live life to the fullest.

33.  You’re Outta This World

Add this flattering You’re Outta This World neon sign to your bedroom wall and show your loved one how much you cherish them.

34.  You’re My Sunshine

Want to express your undying love? Do it with style by adding this “You’re My Sunshine” neon sign to your bedroom. The glow of the script font and the sun’s rays keep your space alive.  

35.  Written in the Stars

“Written in the Stars” is a dreamy and celestial neon sign with a powerful message to remind you of your destiny.

36.  Sun and Moon

Give your space a balanced charm with this neon sign featuring the sun and the moon. It’s a perfect blend of day and night to add celestial beauty to your bedroom.

37.  Eiffel Tower

This chic romantic neon sign of the Eiffel Tower presents a unique way to express your romantic side. It adds a Parisian elegance and allure to your bedroom.

38.  Melting Heart

Want neon sign ideas for bedroom to show the charming side of you? Add this neon sign of a melting heart, featuring a tender and captivating design to radiate warmth and love.

39.  Heart on Fire

This neon sign of a heart on fire has a passionate, fiery design that sets your bedroom ablaze with vibrant emotions. It’s perfect for creating the right mood in the bedroom.

40.  I’m Still Fabulous

Express yourself with a personalized neon sign and celebrate your confidence with this chic, bold “I’m Still Fabulous” neon sign. The empowering statement illuminates your bedroom with unwavering style and self-love.

41.  Pride

This radiant ‘Pride’ neon sign is a tribute to love, equality, and acceptance. It offers a nice way to remind yourself to love without limitations.  

42.  GRL PWR

Light up your bedroom with this powerful “GRL PWR” neon sign that reminds you of your unstoppable spirit as a woman.

43.  Woman Pose

This chic and empowering display of a woman’s figure captures the essence of confidence and femininity. Add it to your bedroom to show your adoration of a woman’s body.

44.  Lollipop Girl

Keep your bedroom alive with this whimsical and colorful neon sign of a girl sucking a lollipop. It expresses a carefree attitude and encourages a fun lifestyle.

45.  It’s The Little Things

Want LED signs for room to remind you to cherish every moment in life? This “It's the little things” neon sign illuminates the joy in your life and reminds you to be grateful every day.

46.  Wings FloRo

Wings FloRo

Embrace freedom with a dynamic fusion of wings neon sign that symbolizes independence, growth, beauty, and unlimited possibilities.

47.  Our Happy Spot

“Our Happy Spot” neon sign is a radiant beacon that transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of love, laughter, and lasting memories.

48.  Cactus

Enliven your bedroom with a touch of desert charm from this “Cactus” neon sign. It’s a quirky tribute to the resilience in you and the outstanding Southwest beauty.

49.  Diamond

This neon room decor idea featuring a shining diamond is a dazzling symbol of strength and elegance. It radiates timeless beauty and sophistication to remind you how strong you are.

50.  Baby Love

This “Baby Love” neon sign infuses tenderness and a heartwarming glow into your bedroom to celebrate a flawless bond with your significant other.

51.  Heaven’s Night

Make your nights heavenly with the beautiful glow of the “Heaven’s Night” neon sign, a mesmerizing display that transforms your bedroom into a celestial oasis of beautiful stars.

52.  Lips

This neon sign idea for bedroom creates the perfect mood to pucker up in the bedroom. It presents a bold and playful atmosphere with a pop of enchanting colors to get you in the mood.

53.  XO

Want to add a touch of glamour and romance to your bedroom space? This “XO” neon sign excels in spreading love and kisses. It’s the perfect neon sign to make your space more romantic.

54.  Woman’s Face

Add a woman’s charm and beauty to your bedroom with this beautiful, glowing neon sign of a woman’s face. It elegantly adds allure and sophistication to any space.

55.  Morning, Beautiful!

Choose this “Morning, beautiful!” neon sign and wake up to a radiant message that reminds you of how beautiful you are.

56.  Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Set the right mood with the intimate and sultry glow of the “Pillow Talk” neon sign.

57.  OMG, You’re Fabulous!

Add this “OMG, You’re Fabulous!” neon sign to your bedroom and be empowered. It reminds you to appreciate your uniqueness and radiate positivity every minute.

Need a Unique Neon Sign For your Bedroom? Create Yours Today!

These 55+ neon sign ideas for bedroom offer an exciting way to spice up the mood in the bedroom. Whether you need something inspiring, romantic, or fun, there’s more than one neon sign theme and style to pick from. Better yet, if you want something more custom that truly defines you, create your own neon sign at Oasis Neon Signs.

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