Facts You Should Know About Neon Signs

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Neon Signs

Neon signs have been lighting up businesses in America since 1923, starting with the Packard Car Company. They come in over 150 different colors, offering endless possibilities for eye-catching displays. Although the first neon signs were pricey, today they're much more affordable and widely used in advertising.

Interesting Facts About Neon Signs

Neon lights have some cool features too. They can shine through fog, making them useful in cold climates and at busy airports. Many neon signs are handmade with great care to avoid breakage. You can get custom neon signs in any shape or word you want, personalized just for you.


These signs are durable, lasting over ten years even in the strong UV sunlight of Florida. The oldest surviving neon sign, still glowing since 1929, is at the Lake Worth Playhouse in Florida.


Neon itself was discovered in 1898 by scientists William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers, who unknowingly paved the way for its use in advertising. And one of the most popular neon signs you'll see is the "Open" sign, a must-have for bars, clubs, and restaurants worldwide.


Did you know that real neon lights only shine in a reddish-orange color? Yep, it's true! When you put pure neon gas into a clear tube, it gives off that warm, familiar glow we often associate with neon signs. But if you want different colors, like blue or green, there are tricks to achieve them, like using different gases or special coatings on the tubes.


Neon isn't just for signs though. It's used in all sorts of things, like TV sets and lasers. Plus, it's even in some refrigerators as a super cold liquid!


You might think neon is rare, but it's actually the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Still, it's pretty scarce on Earth, making up just a tiny fraction of our atmosphere.


The first neon light was shown off in 1910 by a guy named Georges Claude. He was into making air super cold, and stumbled upon neon as a byproduct. Pretty cool, huh?


And did you know that the word "neon" comes from Greek? It means "new"! Speaking of new, the first neon sign was sold in 1912 to a barber in Paris, and soon they were lighting up cities everywhere.


Neon signs can be worth a lot of money too! In 2017, one sold for almost $50,000 at an auction. Crazy, right?


Neon lights aren't just for signs either. In 1919, the Paris Opera House was decorated with neon in beautiful red and blue colors.


These lights can last a really long time too. The average neon sign burns for about 30,000 hours, but some have lasted way longer, like one that was found still glowing after 77 years!


Even though a lot of the parts are made in factories, putting together a neon sign is still a handcrafted art. Artists use blowtorches to bend and shape the glass tubes, creating those iconic designs we all love. So next time you see a neon sign, remember all the cool stuff that goes into making it!

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